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Parent Approval - Teachers

About Parent Accounts

Parents may self register for an account, but all parent accounts must be approved in order to view grades. Administrators may approve the account for any registered parents. Teacher may approve the accounts for the parents of their students. Please refer to your district and school administrators for any policies about approving parent accounts for School Loop.

Getting There

In the Quick Links section on your portal homepage, click the link for Parent Directory to view a list of all your students and their registered parents.

Approving Parent Accounts

1. Check the box next to the name of the unapproved parent accounts

2. Click the Submit button

 approving parent accounts.png


Q: How  can I tell if a parent account is approved or not?

A:  Accounts awaiting approval are displayed with a dark red border around the check box on the left of the page. . Approved accounts appear with the checked boxes and include the date and name of the person who approved the account.

Q: What if a parent account was approved by mistake?

A:  To unapprove an account, uncheck the box and click the Submit button.

Q: I see a parent account that doesn't appear to be valid, what do I do?

A:  Bogus parent registrations should be reported to your administrators who can delete parent accounts.