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Teacher Portal

School Loop Plus includes a wide variety of special tools and feature for teachers.

Menu Bar

Important teacher tools are gathered together in a convenient pull-down menu near the top of the screen.


  • Classrooms -  The hub for all of your classroom related activities where you can manage resources, curriculum, classroom news, and preview what students see. Students and parents can access classroom assignments, lockers and other class related materials here.
  • Gradebooks - Current gradebook for your courses and links to add or edit additional gradebooks. (optional feature for School Loop Plus)
  • Groups - All groups you belong to are listed as well as a link to create or join a group.

Teacher Portal

The portal includes links to the teacher's Classrooms (click the Course names) and a set of links to  features associated with their courses.‚Äč

  • Calendar
  • Gradebook (an optional feature for School Loop Plus)

Click on the More link to view additional features such as: 

  • Locker
  • Seating Chart
  • Roster
  • Assignments
  • Reports

This area of the portal displays all your courses for the current school year. When courses are not active (i.e. no students are currently enrolled), they are not visible on the portal. You can access all previous courses and move active sections to old courses via Manage Sections in the Quick Links (see below).

The portal also contains a list of Student Trackers which are customizable groups of students that allow administrators and teacher to focus on their needs. You are automatically given a course tracker for each course you teach. For more information about Student Trackers, click here.


Located in the right column are Quick Links filled with special tools:

  • Student Records - Schedule, assignment calendar, progress reports and more for every student in the school.
  • Parent Directory - Approve parent accounts for your students or view the parent's contact information.
  • Manage Sections - The Manage Sections button also allows you to combine or separate the sections (classes) assigned to you.  Click here to see the page on managing courses.
  • School Stats - Page views, registered parents, teacher posts and more
  • Classrooms & Websites - Find the classrooms of any teacher at the school.
  • Course Archives - Assignments, progress reports, notes, and course lockers from previous years.