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Admin Portal

Principal, Assistant Principals, & System Admins

All three of these roles have rights to manage the user accounts for that site. Click User Management to reveal a horizontal menu bar near the top of the page.


Using this menu, administrators may register users, edit their accounts, monitor usage, or give users Webmaster rights. School Loop Standard sites do not include student and parent accounts, so those menu choices are not available. If the optional Directory Services integration are in use, there is an additional menu choice for activating user accounts.

SchoolSettings.pngAdministrators also have rights to school settings. For Standard sites, there are only two settings: Hide or show the email icon in the staff directory of the school website and an import ID utility to be used when upgrading to School Loop Plus. Administrators of School Loop Plus have settings that include access rights and registration management.

admin portal my sites.pngSchool Loop Plus Administrators include the following in their portal Dashboards:

  • My Sites - Build and edit your personal website.
  • Student Trackers - Customizable groups of students that allow administrators and teacher to focus on their needs.



Reach Out Report

The Reach Out Report prints students' homepages, and is a weekly summary of grades and assignments due.

These reports can be generated by an administrator for each student who does not have a registered parent or for all students at the school.

The report for all students is printed alphabetically and the report for students without a registered parent are printed in sets by first period teachers for easy distribution.