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Portals Overview

Depending on your user role (teacher, administrator, etc.), portal homepages do vary, but many features are the same for everyone. Let's explore those common features first.

Starting At the Top

TopofPortal.pngAll users have the following links located at the top of their portal:

  • Your display name - Use this link to jump back to your portal homepage.
  • Gear icon- Goes to Account Management for all users and allows you to edit details such as your name, login name, password, and email address. Teachers also can find Gradebook and Course settings here.
  • Help - You probably used this link to get to this help page. Take note that you can also submit a help ticket to our highly qualified, warm and friendly support staff.
  • Logout - Prevents others from jumping into your account if you walk away from your computer.

Portal Links.jpg
Special features icons are also located near the top of your portal homepage, although their exact placement may be different from the image to the right.

  • My Calendar - A monthly calendar displaying all event published by you or for you.
  • My Website - All staff members get a personal website.

School Loop Plus users also have icons for these features:

  • LoopMail - An internal, private, email system for registered users of a site (not available for users at district office sites.
  • My Locker - Bottomless, private storage for your personal files

Pull Down menus for easy access to important areas:

  • Classrooms - For Teachers only. The hub for all of your course related activities where you can preview what students see. Students and parents can access classroom assignments, lockers and other class related materials here.
  • Gradebooks - Links to the current gradebook for all of your courses. Also includes links to add new and edit existing gradebooks.
  • Groups Icon - Collaborate with other users in your school or even with other users in your district (sorry Standard Standalone users, an upgrade is required for district wide groups).

The Rest Of The Portal

StaffPortal.pngThe exact set of features for the rest of your portal depends on your role and the product purchased for your school. All those roles and product specific features are covered in detail through these help pages, but the following features are common to all portals for all users:

  • Trackers - Display all school wide and personal trackers using the View All link. New trackers can be added using Create New.
  • Calendar of Events - A weekly calendar displaying all event published by you or for you. Day and month views are available as well as filters for types of events.
  • News - The most recently published news that applies to you. Hover to the right of a news item, click the "X" to remove from portal. Using the View All link will display all published news. Use the Publish button to publish news items.
  • Discussions - A summary of the most recent posts to discussions in which you participate. Click New to post a discussion to any groups you belong to.