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Managing Your Account

There are several configurable options for your account. For most users, the most important controls are the way your name is displayed throughout the system, your email address, login name, and password. If your account is controlled by the district's directory service (Active Directory or LADP), please see the Directory Services section below.

Getting There

 Look for the Gear icon link at the top right of every page in your portal.

Edit Your Account


Change Your Password: Click the blue button near the top of the page.

First and Last Name: This is how your name will be displayed throughout the system.

Phone and Extension: These values are displayed on the staff directory published on the school's website (if used).

Position: Displayed throughout the system as well as on the staff directory.

Email Address: Your address is private and will not be shared with other users. Our system uses this address to forward LoopMail messages, discussion posts, and help ticket responses.

Receive Daily Emails: Our system sends a daily email message to all staff members at 5 AM PST every school day. Turn it on or off as you please.

Allow Auto Login From Email: If others have access to your email account, you might want to turn this feature off. Learn more about auto login.

Directory Service

Many districts and schools use a Directory Service (Active Directory or LDAP) to manage and administer the accounts of faculty, staff and students.  Data stored and managed in this system can include information such as user names, email addresses, login and password information as well as telephone numbers. 

If your school uses a Directory Service that is linked to School Loop, your display name, email address, login name and password are all controlled by that service. Please contact your school's Help Desk to change your Account information.  You cannot  change these values manually in Account Management.