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Image Albums

Image albums enable the organization of images used on the website in the same way that folders organize documents and files in a locker. 

Organizing and Using Images

image_albums.pngWebmaster Center Albums

The Content Manager section has a section for Image Albums. As webmaster, you may create as many albums as you wish -- there is no limit to the number of images in an album. The library of images you create with these albums may be used for slideshows and adding images using the Rich Text Editor element. However, these images are only available for use by webmasters.

Section Image Albums

Each section or sub section of the website has its own separate image albums. Unlike the image albums of the Webmaster Center, the section image albums are shared with editors and contributors of those sections.

resources_files.pngTo access the section image albums, look for the Resource Files button near the top right of any page of a given section.

As an organizational strategy, some webmasters will prefer to upload images to the sections where the images will be used. You should also use the section image albums when you wish to share images with your editors and contributors.

Slideshow Element

slide_show.pngIt is not necessary to upload all images you intend to use for a slideshow into the same album. When configuring a Slideshow Element, you will have the option of adding more images to the slideshow. When you do, you may select new images from any album at your disposal.

Tip: Slideshows look best if all the images in the show have the same dimensions. If necessary, crop images before uploading into albums.

Rich Text Editor Element

Images uploaded to albums are available for use with the Rich Text Editor. Webmasters will have access to every album from the Webmaster Center as well as those uploaded to sections. Editors and contributors can only use images from albums uploaded to their section.

Images can now also be uploaded directly from your computer or from your locker. Click the links for detailed instructions:

Embed Pictures via Upload

Embed Pictures via Locker                         


JPG, PNG, and GIF image file formats are supported.

Note: Because we convert all pictures to JPG on upload, animated GIFs and transparent GIFs/ PNGs are currently not supported.