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News, Events, Notes

News, events and notes can be published either from your Homepage or from your Webmaster Center. 

Publishing News, Events and Notes

Homepage Publishing

When building your site or editing existing pages, the Content Manager in the Webmaster Center provides easy access to the tools for publishing news, events, and notes to the homepage of your site. Click the appropriate button to add news, an event, or notes and fill out the simple forms before clicking the Submit button. News published to the homepage will also appear on the portal of all users and in their daily email.

Publish to Other Sections of the Website

To add news, events, or notes to other sections of the website, you must first add the appropriate Element to a page in the section. Let's use this scenario as an example: The principal wishes to publish a weekly message to the community. As webmaster, you decide to create a page called Principal's Message under the top level section titled About Us. To this page you've added a Notes/Blog Element as pictured below. Whenever you wish to  publish a new message from the principal, click the Add Notes button on the page.


This example illustrates an important detail about the School Loop system for building websites: along with the site homepage, each section or sub-section has its own separate news, events, and notes. In the example above, the notes published on the Principal's Message page will not appear on any page outside of the About Us section. It is also important to point out that every page in the About Us section that includes a Notes/Blog Element will display the same set of notes. Generally, it is best to use the News, Calendar, and Notes/Blog Elements on only one page per section.


Publish from your Portal

Publishing news and events as described above is convenient if you happen to be working on the Webmaster Center or a section of your website. You can also publish news and events from your portal homepage.

For news, click the Add News button in the News section on the right side of your portal. The left side of the Add News page will list all of the places where you can publish that NewsAudience.jpgitem. For webmasters, all sections and subsections of the site will be listed. Just check the appropriate boxes to publish to one or sections of the website.

For events, click your Calendar icon at the top of the portal. When you add a General Event, you will be presented with same list of places where you can publish the event as with news.

Note: The News element can be locked down the by the author by checking the "Only Author Can Move, Edit, or Delete" option.