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Submit Grades

Say goodbye to bubble sheets. With School Loop’s Grade Export System, you can submit report card grades directly from your School Loop account. It’s completely integrated with our gradebook, which eliminates the double entry associated with other systems. And since we’re web based, you can submit grades from school or home at any hour of the day.

Directions for Teachers

GradesDue.pngFor each grading period, a Grades Due box will appear on your portal homepage. The date and time when the grading window closes are indicated in the Grades Due box.



1. Click the Go link to export grades for each of your classes.



 Choose the source of the grades you wish to submit. Pick from a gradebook or the last published progress report. 


If you select the Full Gradebook option, then the summary grade will include unpublished grades as well.


If you select the Progress Reports option, then the summary grade will only reflect published grades included in the last published progress report.


3. Make your choices for grades, work habits, etc. using the drop menus for each column.


4. Click the Submit Grades button.


5. Repeat this process for each course you teach and you’re done!



Note: When resubmitting grades, do not uncheck any students that need to receive a grade, even if you have already submitted grades for them. Unchecked students will not receive a grade.


Q: Can I submit my grades more than once?

A: Yes. Until the submission window closes, you may submit over and over. Each submission overwrites the previous.


Q: If I need to change grades for just a few students, should I first uncheck all boxes for the other students?

A: No. If you uncheck the boxes, you will delete your previously submitted grades for those students. Make a full submission each time.

Q: Can I override the grades from my gradebook?

A: Yes. Use the drop menu to select the grade you wish to submit.


Q: What happens if I have manually changed grades using the drop menu and then Reload Grades From Source?

A:  The grades you changed will be replaced with grades from the gradebook. You will need to manually change the grades again.


Q: Do I have to change grades individually if I already submitted grades but made many changes in my gradebook?

A: No. Use the Reload Grades From Source button (see image above) to load the new grades. Doing so will not change the values submitted for other columns such as work habits or comments. It will replace any grades you manually changed with the latest grades from your gradebook.


Q: Why are the dropped students listed on the submit grades page?

A: In most cases, teachers don't submit grades for dropped students. With this in mind, dropped students are listed at the bottom of each period and are unchecked by default. For those rare cases when submitting a grade for a dropped student is necessary, simply check the box next to the student's name and submit grades as you would for enrolled students.


Q: Why am I seeing the message "Oops! A value for Grade must be selected for all students."?

A: The grade field has been set to "Value Required" so all checked students must receive a grade. Make sure all checked students have a grade. If there are students who should not receive a grade, you can uncheck them and leave the grade field blank.


Q: What if I don't use the School Loop gradebook but still need to submit grades through School Loop?

A: Click the Enter Grades Manually button, instead of using the Full Gradebook or Progress Reports options.


Q: How can I save a copy of the grades I've submitted?

A: Use the Save & Print button. (The Download File button is primarily for districts that require teachers to upload their own grades into the Student Information System.)