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High Priority Trackers

With School Loop Plus, administrators can create groups of students that require additional attention from teachers. Such groups might include students who are on the cusp of meeting API objectives, mainstreamed special education, and in danger of not graduating. High Priority Trackers are only visible to administrators, teachers, and staff.

In addition to the trackers created by administrators, there is one tracker automatically generated by School Loop: 70 in 2+ classes (Less than 70% in 2 or more classes). This tracker is automatically formed based on the grade published by teachers and is updated each night. Students are removed from the tracker as they improve.

How Are High Priority Trackers Displayed?

An administrator's Dashboard contains a list of all the high priority trackers. Click any tracker name to view a list of students in that group. 

Teachers can view High Priority Trackers by clicking the View All button on their Dashboard to the right of the Student Tracker heading. Students that are in High Priority Trackers that also on the teacher's roster, will display on the teacher's Dashboard. Click on a student's name to go directly to the Student Record.


If a student belongs to any high priority tracker, a list of those trackers can be found on the right column on the student record page.


Create a High Priority Tracker

To create a new High Priority Tracker click the Create New button on the right hand side of the Portal Page Dashboard.  Fill in the form and check the High Priority radio dial at the bottom left of the page. Uncheck the Display Tracker on Portal Dashboard box at the bottom of the form if you do not want the new High Priority Tracker to display on Portal Page Dashboards. Leave the box checked if you want it to display. Click Create.  You now have a new High Priority Tracker. Click on the group's name from the Tracker List page to add students to it.  Use the Tool Box on the lower right hand side of the page to edit and update your new High Priority Tracker. 

Note: High Priority Trackers that you create do not update automatically.  You can reupload a new list of students at any time to manually update your High Priority Trackers.