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Editors & Contributors

You can assign rights to allow any School Loop user to publish content to your teacher site. There are two levels of rights you can assign to a user depending on whether you want to approve their content before it is published or not.

1.From your portal, go to your main teacher page using the "My Website" icon at the top of the page.

2. Select Rights near the top right of the page.

3. Click either the Add Editors or Add Contributors button and follow the simple on screen directions.


When you choose to make someone an Editor of your site or Mini-Site, they will be able to publish content and edit or delete pages within the site without your prior approval. Use the Editor role for a teacher who is collaborating with you in your classes and will be helping you design and update your course pages.Websites.png

When a user is made an Editor or a Contributor of your site, they will get a link to your site on the right column of their portal under Websites

You can keep track of who has published pages or saved drafts, by checking the page history.

1. To get to the page history, click Reorder Pages on your main teacher page.

2. Click History on the far right to see a complete history of changes made to the page with the author listed on the left.


contributor pending approval.png

Your approval is required for any content published by a contributor goes live on your site. When a contributor publishes content to your pages on your site, they will see an Approval Pending message.

admin approve contributor.pngThe next time you log in to your portal, you will see a Needs Approval box with a link to the page or the item that is waiting to be approved. If the link is a page, you can approve, disapprove, or takeover editing to make changes before publishing the page.