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Publishing Rights

The following charts will help you decide which users will receive Webmaster, Editor, or Contributor rights to work on your school or district website. See the Assign Rights & Approvals page for more details.

School Loop Standard does not have accounts for student or parents. However, a parent could be assigned rights as an editor or contributor if first registered as an Associate.

Eligible Roles

Webmaster Editor Contributor
Any District/School Employee X X X
Associates X X X
Parents X X
Students X X

Rights Comparison

Webmaster Editor Contributor
Upload Images X X X
Create New Pages X X X
Edit Existing Pages X X X
Post News, Events, and Notes X X X
Add Other Editors X X
Add Other Contributors X X
Publish Without Approval X X
Approve Content X X
Create Subsections X X X
Upload Files X X
Create Top Level Navigation X
Add Other Webmasters X
Edit the Homepage X
Website Access Full Website Individual Sections Individual Sections