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Account Types

There are three account types for district sites and eight account types for school sites. While all users are able to participate using collaborative tools such a Groups and Discussions, rights and privileges do vary. The following descriptions will help you decide who should receive which type of account.

District Roles

District Admin
This is the most powerful role offered and should be strictly controlled. Rights of this role include user account management for all users at all sites in the district. District admins with webmaster rights for the district site will have webmaster rights at all school sites.

All district employees who do not receive an admin account should be registered with this role.

This account type was designed as way to bring non-district employees such as the PTSA president into the Loop. This role has limited rights to Groups.

School Roles

Teachers - Plus
Faculty members with a teacher ID number and assigned courses in the Student Information System (SIS), will automatically receive a teacher account. However, an administrator must first register these accounts before they can be used. Teachers who do not have an active schedule in the SIS, but need School Loop access, should be given Staff accounts.

Teachers - Standard
Faculty members with assigned courses should receive a teacher account. The publishing rights for this account type include the ability to assign work to a calendar.

Principals and Assistant Principals (APs)
These accounts include user account management rights (the ability to access and edit all account types) and should be reserved for school administrators. Principals and APs can Auto Login to teacher accounts and view (but not edit) teacher gradebooks. These roles also have access to all student records. Other than the account title, there is no difference between these two account types.

System Admin
As the title indicates, this role is for those who require the same account management rights as the Principal and AP roles. Site techs and other users who are charged with support and training are typically assigned System Admin accounts. Mentor teachers who take on a support role may have a System Admin account as a second account.

School employees who do not fit into one of the above roles should be given a Staff account. Administrative secretaries, counselors, school psychologists and the registrar are examples of those typically assigned a Staff account.

Note: Because the above account types have access to student data, non-school employees should never be given these roles.

This account type was designed as way to bring non-school employees such as the PTSA president or off campus coaches into the Loop. This role has limited rights to Groups and, in Plus, no rights to view student information.

Afterschool Professional (optional account type)
This account type was designed for those not employed by the school, but who are charged with helping students to succeed and need access to the student's calendar of assignments.  Examples might include professional tutors, social workers and community center staff.  The rights of this role allow an individual to view the assigned work for the specific students, but in no case are they allowed to view grades (except in the case of Advanced Afterschool Professionals that have rights to view their students' grades). This account also has access to LoopMail, Groups, and the Education Team of the student.  A registered and approved parent of the student must approve the Afterschool Professional before they can view that student's assignments.  If there are no registered parents, then an administrator may approve the account. For more details about this role see the Afterschool Professional Portal page in the Portals section.

Students and Parents
Obviously these roles are for the students of your school and their parents. Students with an active schedule of classes can self register for an account. Parents and other adults also self register, but these account are subject to administrative approval as well as a challenge system designed to identify and deny parent accounts to unauthorized individuals. An optional, more restrictive, setting requires approval for both parents and students before they are allowed to log in.

Webmaster Rights

In School Loop, webmaster access is a right rather than a role. Webmaster rights can be assigned to users with the following roles: Staff, Teacher, Associate, AP, Principal, and Sys Admin. Sys Admin do not automatically have webmaster rights. Webmaster rights have to be assigned. Any Sys Admin, Principal, or AP account can assign webmaster rights by going to Select Webmasters in User Management.