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Keep Student Information Private

Challenges ensures the privacy of student information by allowing approved users in a student's education team to question the right of a new registrant to join. Both students and registered parents can issue a challenge.

Challenges to a Parent Registration

member approval required.pngAfter a parent account is created in School Loop, a red box appears on that student's homepage and on the homepage of everyone in that student's loop, asking if anyone wants to challenge the new member. 

If any member of the loop challenges the registration, the challenge appears in the dashboard of every administrator and system administrator.

Take Action on Challenged Memberships

Whenever you log into your School Loop account, you will see all of the current and new challenges in the Dashboard area of your home page.
challenged memberships prompt.png

1. Click Take Action on a particular challenge. 

2. Review the information provided by the challenger. If the action is obvious, click either Delete Parent Account or Deny Challenge. You will be taken to an email form where you can explain your actions.

3. If the action is not obvious, you can ask any party in the loop for more information by clicking the Request More Information button. This action also brings up an email form where you choose the recipients and enter your request for additional information.
challenged membership detail.png


Q: How do I view all challenges?

A: Click View All on an active challenge, or click the Challenges link in the Toolbox, then click the Review link to see the details of a specific challenge.