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User History

School Loop's History Logs


The School Loop system automatically logs most account activity by user and machine. These logs can be used to track down problems such as a student sending inappropriate messages or documenting account usage.

Getting There

Here's how to access these logs:

1. Click User Management, then click the role for the account you're investigating.

2. Click the user's name to see their Edit Account page.

3. Look for the User History and Account History buttons as pictured above.

A Fictitious Example

A student has reported that another student, Jessie Abanto, sent a naughty message with the subject “Hey Dude!” After auto-logging into both student accounts and inspecting their LoopMail messages, it is clear that the message was sent from the account of Jessie Abanto, but is she our culprit? Let’s check the history logs for more evidence.

user history 1.png

In our investigation, we’re looking for an email with the subject line “Hey Dude!” The logs clearly show that the message was sent from Jessie’s account on March 25, 2013 at 4:45 PM, but Jessie’s mom tells us that her daughter was in the middle of a soccer game that evening and could not possibly have sent that message.

So what’s our next move? Obviously we need more information. Our next step is to research the activity on the computer from which the message was sent.

Research Machine

School Loop not only logs activity by user, but by Machine and IP address as well. Your IT department can determine if the IP address is used by the school, but typically cannot pinpoint a particular computer.

Machine addresses, on the other hand, are unique to every computer on the planet and could be used to track down a particular computer. However, much can be learned from simply clicking on the Research Machine button.

The Machine History logs also show that the naughty message was sent from Ima’s account, but a close comparison of the User History and Machine History reveal some interesting details.

Compare User History and Machine History

user history 2.png

Take note of the timestamps on the Machine History. It appears that Phat Pham was on this particular computer logging in 4:47 PM. 

Because of the timestamps, it appears that Phat Pham was busy logging in as Jessie while she was at her soccer game.

Although these history logs can be quite powerful tools in tracking down exactly who’s responsible for some inappropriate use of School Loop, they are no substitute for a well defined acceptable use policy and the vigilance of both school personnel and parents.

Account History Logs

In some cases it is important to know who has been making changes to a particular account. Click the Account History button for this information. As in the example above, the User History and Research Machine buttons allows you to dig a lot deeper .