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Google Analytics

Gather statistics about traffic to your sites using Google Analytics. All you need is a free account with Google to enable this service on your School Loop site.

How to Set up Google Analytics and Track Statistics


After setting up your Google Analytics account, you'll be issued a special tracking code. Don't worry about the instructions for how to add tracking to your site - School Loop has made it much easier for you.

1.  Go to Step 3 in Design Set Up

2.  Add your Google Account number to your site profile.

In 24 hours or less, Google will start gathering data about your sites.

If you'd like to track the statistics for all the sites in your district from a single account, no problem. Google Analytics account allows you to add additional sites to your account. In addition to adding multiple sites, you may also add users to your account, which gives all your webmasters the ability to log in and view the stats for their sites.


Note: For security reasons, Google Analytics applies to the public website pages only. Password protected user account pages are not include in the tracking data.