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District Decisions

Implementation Decisions

School Loop recommends to districts that they make decisions about assigning accounts, special rights, school wide settings, challenges, and existing district policies. The information and documentation found in this section will assist district decsion makers with these issues.


A decision making guide has been assembled for district administrators. Generally, you will need to decide who has access to what information, who gets which type of account, and how you will verify parent accounts.

Download the document from the locker on the left of this page.

Assigning Accounts

In most case, role assignment will be obvious (e.g. teachers and principals). Who should receive other role types such at Staff and Associate may be less obvious. The following document will assist you in making those determinations.

School Loop Roles

How to register School Personnel

Special Rights

In addition to the inherent rights of each role, there are additional rights that can be assigned to individuals. These rights include our Grade Export System (School Loop Plus only) and web publishing rights (Webmaster, Editor, and Contributor).

Grade Export System

School Loop Websites

School Wide Settings

For School Loop Plus sites, the following settings are made school wide: the initial rights for parent and student accounts, who has rights to view grades (if using the optional gradebook), early access to schedules for faculty, and account approval rights.

School Wide Settings


School Loop Plus allows parents and students to self-register, but there is a challenge process to prevent inappropriate access to student information. This process is managed by school administrators.

Challenges - Administrators

District Policies

Established district polices such as Acceptable Use, Website, and Discipline should be reviewed with School Loop in mind. For example: Does the Acceptable Use Policy cover features such as Discussions and LoopMail? Does the Website Policy address staff websites? Does the Discipline Policy include consequences for the inappropriate use of School Loop accounts? Does the district’s policy allow school related organizations such as sports boosters and educational foundations to host their websites on the district’s site?