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Student Record

The Student Record is a particularly valuable tool for teachers and administrators.  Each student has a Student Record that includes information designed to highlight a student's progress.  It includes the student’s list of classes, attendance, the assignment calendar for that student, all progress reports published by the student’s teachers (School Loop Grade only), login information, a list of all members of the student’s learning management team and much more.

Locate the Student Record

1.  Look for the Quick Links in the right column on your portal homepage.

2.  Click the Student Records link.

3.  Start typing a student's name into the Lookup field - the list of students will narrow as you type.

4.  When you see the name of the student you are searching for, click on that student's name.

Contents of the Student Record


This page contains the bulk of the information available on the student record including grades, weekly calendar, current assignments list, class schedule, members of the student’s learning management team, and intervention discussions.

This page displays attendance for the year. You can also view daily attendance or attendance for the year from the dashboard.

All staff may participate in discussions pertaining to the student via the Student Record. Intervention topics are listed on the Dashboard page in the “Interventions” section located in the right column. A list of topics can also be found by clicking the "Interventions" tab near the top of the page. Each post is emailed directly to the teachers in the student’s Learning Management Team. Additionally, these discussions are listed on the portal for the staff members of the Learning Management Team. However, these discussions are not viewable by students, parents, or associates.

All staff may upload files pertaining to the student. Such files might include IEPs or 504 plans. These files are not viewable by students, parents or associates.

Submitted Work
A complete list of work turned in online by the student. Each file has a timestamp and may be downloaded. Students have their own list of turned in work on their account portal.

Zeros Alert!
A list of all assignments in all classes where the student currently has a zero score.

Communication Rights

sturec.pngAny teacher or staff can grant or block a student's communication rights from the Student Info box on the right side of the Student Record.

Toggling the Change button will block a student's ability to send LoopMail messages. They also cannot post messages to assignment or group discussions, or upload files to any lockers except their personal locker.