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Curriculum displays all the units, lessons and assignments teachers have saved and published for their students. Clicking on a unit, lesson or assignment on the left opens that content on the right. For teachers that do not publish units or lessons, this view will only contain a list of assignments.

  • Units can contain lessons and assignments. When you create units, they have two parts: Student View (what your kids will see) and Instructional Plan (for your eyes only). Notice that in the Classroom, only the Classroom Display is showing.
  • Lessons can contain assignments. Again, notice that only the Classroom Display shows in this view.
  • Assignments are published per course, and everything in a published assignment is visible to students. Students can see the assign and due dates, points and any links or attachments for the assignment.  



More about Creating Curriculum


Content you've created or imported from Curriculum Groups is stored here. All stored content may be edited for your use. The units, lessons and assignments you choose to publish will be viewable by your students and their parents. Click the Add Content menu and choose the type of content you wish to create: unit, lesson, or assignment.

  • Units can contain lessons and assignments. Notice that units have two parts: Student View and Instructional Plan (for your eyes only). Add content to the unit using the text icons at the bottom and click "Publish" when ready to share with your class.
  • Lessons can contain assignments. Again, notice that lessons have a Student View and Instructional Plan. You may publish a lesson without publishing the assignments within the lesson.
  • Assignments are published per course, and everything in an assignment is visible to students.  
  • Organize - drag and drop content to nest units, lessons, and assignments. New content will automatically appear at the top but you can move and reorganize any assignment, lesson, and unit in any order you prefer.
  • Drafts - If you are not ready for students or parents to view your curriculum, you can save a draft. Drafts are only visible to you and draft assignments do not display in the gradebook. You can edit drafts and publish when you are ready to make them visible to students and parents.



curriculum_import.pngTo import content from other courses or from curriculum groups you have joined:

1. Click Add Content menu and then select the appropriate source from the list of available sources at the bottom of the menu (import from).

2. From any source you choose, you may import all content or you can select a specific unit, lesson, or assignment.

3. When you have selected your content, click the Import button.

You can now organize, edit and publish all imported content. You own this copy of the content, and any changes you make will not be reflected in the courses or curriculum group that contained the original. Whatever you publish in the Curriculum tab is visible to students.