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The Calendar element is used to display events posted to your homepage or sections. Each section in your site has its own separate events, but calendars can be set to include the events from sub-sections.

Adding the Calendar Element

When adding  the Calendar element, you are presented with some formatting options.

1. Enter a title for your calendar.

2. Select a display format.

3. You may choose an alternate source to load events. The source can be the homepage or any other section within your website. The default is to load events from the current section.

4. You may choose to include events from any sub-section of the current section. If this option is selected for the Homepage calendar, events from all sections of the website will be included.


Using the Calendar

Use the pencil icon to return to the formatting options listed above.

Click the blue left or right arrows to go backward or forward in time.

The day, week, or month options will temporarily change the calendar view.

Use the Print icon to see a printable view of the calendar.

Hover over an event to see a popup of the details, or click on the event to edit or delete it.

Use the Add Events pull down to add events.

The trash icon will delete the calendar element, but will not delete any events.

Site visitors can subscribe to the RSS feed of your calendar events if you use the "small month" or "small month with day" format.

1. Right-click on the orange RSS Feed icon RssIcon.png.

2. Copy  the link address and paste into your preferred RSS Feed Reader.


Calendar Format Examples

CalendarSmallMonthDay.png                          DailyCalendar.png