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Easy Start Guides

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Website: Build Pages

Your personal website comes with a single page by default, but you may choose to create a site with as many pages as you like. Those pages may be organized into a set of folders (sub sections or mini sites) and you may add as much content, pictures, and resources as you wish.

MyWebsite.png1. Click the My Websites button at the top of your portal page.

2. Click Add on the top left side.

2.  Select Page from the pull-down menu.

3. Enter a title.

4. Choose a template (we recommend the use of the templates with navigation).

Other options include a URL Name (short name) and the ability to exclude the page from navigation. Unlike your default teacher page, a new page you choose to add will not have any elements on it to begin with. Luckily it is very easy to add elements.


Adding Elementselementgallery.png

1. Click any of the green + on the page to add an element to that location. Most of the element are self explanatory, but you can find more details about each of the elements on our webmaster help pages.

If you do not like the placement of an element you've added, simply drag it to another location on the page.






Moving Elementsdraganddrop.png

1. Hover your cursor over the element until you see the crossed arrows.

2. Click and hold the left mouse button down.

3. Drag the element to any Plus Sign on the page until the light green bar turns a darker green.

4. Release the mouse.


Publish Pages

When working on a new page or after making changes to a published page, the changed elements will be displayed with an orange title bar. The orange color indicates you're working on a draft. You can click Save Draft if you wish to save changes without publishing them. Use this with caution: clicking Cancel means your unpublished changes will not be saved. You may preview your draft pages by clicking the Preview Draft button near the top right of the page. The preview opens in a new window or tab and may be closed without losing content.

The Live View button will open a preview of the published version of the page so that you can easily compare your daft with the live version of the page. If the page has never been published, the label "Page Never Published" appears in place of the Live View button.

When you're satisfied with the page you've built and the content you've added, click the Publish button at the top of the page.


Adding a Mini-Site and a Page

To add a organizational structure to your site using folder, you'll want to add mini sites.

1. Starting from your main teacher page, click the Add button located on the top left side.

2.  Select Mini-Site from the pull-down menu.

3. Give the Mini-Site a name.

4. Click the Create button. You now have a named folder, but without pages.

5. Click the Add button in the middle of the screen.

6. Give your page a title and add a friendly URL that you can give out to your students and parents.

7. Choose a  templates. Included are 3 column and 2 column layouts with or without navigation. In most cases you will want to choose a template with navigation so your visitors can easily get back to your main page.

8. Click the Submit button


Moving Pages

1. Click the Reorder Pages button located on the top left side of any page to view a map of your site.

2. Click, hold, and drag to the desired location.

3.  Release the mouse button.

If you use the Reorder Pages button from inside a mini site, you may reorder the pages of that section only. Use the Reorder Pages button from a page at the top level if you wish to move pages between mini sites.


Hiding Pages

If you wish, you can hide a page from the left-side navigation. 

1. Go to the page that should be hidden.

2. Click Properties next to the page title.

3. Check the Exclude from Navigation Menu.

4. Click the Submit button.


Delete Pages

1. Open the page you wish to delete.

2. Click the Delete Live Page button at the top of the page.


Un-Delete Pages

1. Click the Reorder Pages button on the left of any page.

2. Click the Undelete Pages button near the to left of the page.

3. Locate the page you wish to restore and click the Undelete button for that page.