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Attendance Setup

Student Attendance records from your student information system can be imported into School Loop and made available to parents, students, and staff. If you are already using the tab delimited method for Sloopy imports, then importing attendance data simply involves adding two more files to the daily sloopy import and adding a few lines to your config file. If you are using another version of sloopy, you will need to switch to tab delimited. See the Data Integration Sloopy document in the left column of the Data Imports page for instructions how to setup sloopy for tab delimited and prepare the attendance files for import.

Creating an Attendance Legend

1. Click School Settings from your portal.

2. Click Go under Access & Registration Management.

3. Scroll down to the "Attendance Legend" form and enter the legend for your school’s attendance codes.

4. Click Submit.

attendance legend setup.png

Custom Legend Layout

Some basic tags and styling are supported, allowing a tabular layout for your attendance legend. Use this legend template to create a legend similar to the one below.


Attendance Display

The attendance information for the current week will be displayed in the Dashboard for students and parents. School staff can view the same data in the student record for any student. Attendance can be shown for the full day, by period, or both depending on which data is imported from the SIS. If attendance data is uploaded for each period, then teachers can also see this data, divided by period, in the course on the Classroom Tools page. An attendance legend, explaining the codes your school uses, can be added to the bottom of the attendance view. By default, the attendance section of the student record is collapsed. To view, click the View This Week's button.


Click All Attendance in the top right corner of the weekly attendance to see attendance for the whole year. This view only includes the days that absences or tardies were recorded.