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Afterschool Professional

Note: By default, this feature is not enabled. Please contact School Loop if your district is interested in using this feature.

An afterschool professional can register an account by simply clicking Register Now from the school site. Until the account is approved, this message will show upon login:


Once approved, the afterschool professional portal looks like this:


(1) Icon Toolbar

The Afterschool Professional can send LoopMail to any staff member, and to members of the student's Education Team which includes the student and his or her registered parents. Users who are members of a group may add an Afterschool Professional to their group. Otherwise, this role has no rights or privileges to the Groups system.

(2) Add Student

Add additional students here. The student's ID and first and last initial are required.

(3) Student's Weekly Calendar

Every assignment published by the student's teachers appears in the student's calendar. Other events in the calendar can include events from groups, school wide events, and personal event published by the student. The calendar has icons for day, week, and month views and filters to narrow the types of events displayed.

(4) Learning Management Team

Links to teacher sites and classrooms are grouped by the courses in which the student is enrolled. There are also links for sending LoopMail messages to one or all of the student's teachers.

Note: The Advanced Afterschool Professional option includes access to the student record of approved students.